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When: 3:00pm-6:00pm - Wednesdays, July 5, 12, 19, 26 - 4 classes/12 hours

Where: The Second City Training Centre, 3rd Floor, 99 Blue Jays Way, Toronto

Cost: $185 + HST

Prerequisite: Second City Improv Level E, Conservatory 1, or equivalent

Part of The Second City Training Centre's Advanced Improv Program. The Toolbox is a 4-week long intensive lead each term by different instructors focusing on different specialties.

We'll focus on NARRATIVE, drawing from my 20 years of experience as an improviser, clown, and writer for the stage, comics, and animation.

Topics to be covered include:
- Story structure and elements
- How to identify and support the protagonist
- Forwarding the plot by making emotional choices
- Playing with rhythm and comfort in silence

As improvisers, we need to be able to do lots of different things, depending on what the scene needs. In learning different skills we can respond to any scene situation, but we also find which tools we like to use the most. We’ll run drills on different tools you can use an improviser so they’re available to you when you need them. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned many different performance techniques you can use, and which one(s) you’re best at.

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**REGISTRATION NOW OPEN** To sign up, or for more information, email Allan Turner at theaftend[at]gmail[dot]com

When: 6:00pm-9:00pm - Wednesdays, Aug 9, 16, 23, 30, Sep 13, 20, 27 (no class Sep 6) - 7 classes / 21 hours

Where: The Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street, Toronto

Cost: $300.00 (10% early bird discount if you register by July 10)

Prerequisite: None. Open to all experience levels!

In this 7-week intensive, the brains behind Toronto’s hit zombie clown Jean-Paul Mullet​ will guide you through games and exercises leading towards discovering your own hidden clown. Allan will draw from his 16+ years of experience clowning, as well as improv, writing, and a knowledge of the history of clown and comedy theory. The clown makes fun and parodies, not to single out the differences between us but to reveal how we all are ridiculously alike.

As a participant, you will learn to:

- challenge ingrained inhibitions and play freely
- lose your fear of failure
- be in your body
- follow impulses
- perform with authenticity
- react to both your outer surroundings and inner life
- have fun!

No experience necessary! This introductory course is designed for people with or without performing experience as well as emerging artists of all disciplines looking to re-energize and have fun.

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**REGISTRATION NOW OPEN** To sign up, or for more information, email Allan Turner at theaftend[at]gmail[dot]com

When: 6:00pm-9:00pm, Thursdays, Aug 10, 17, 24, 31 - 4 classes / 12 hours

Where: The Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street

Cost: $200.00 (10% early bird discount if you register by July 10)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Clown: Level 3 (OR related experience. Questions? Contact me.)

You’ve taken clown courses, maybe even performed… what comes next? By popular demand, Allan Turner is at long last offering a follow up to his Introduction to Clown program. Get ready for Next Level Clown: Make it Funny!

An audience laughs at a comedian, but they love the clown. They also laugh at the clown. In this 4-week intensive, Allan will guide you through new exercises building on what you’ve already learned about being in nose and creating turns to bring out the humour.

Topics covered include comedy theory (theorIES!) and structure, duo dynamics and comedy with others, comedy with objects, and comedy alone.

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In this NEW Level 2 7-week intensive, Allan continues to guide you on your journey to clown. There will be further explorations of play, status, and being open. New areas include persona, duo and group dynamics, and clown logic. Class culminates in a showcase when friends and family are invited to see you clown around!


In this masterclass, you'll learn how to create material ready for the stage. We'll tackle that dreaded question "Where do you get your ideas?" Over the first half of the course I'll teach you how to generate ideas, capture them, channel them, and give them structure. In the second half, you get me as your personal director and I'll guide you through creating and polishing a finished turn. I don't want to create Allan Turner-style clown performance. What you create is up to you. If there is to be any "Allan Turner" touch, it will just be tight structure, clear storytelling, and meaningful connection with your audience. We'll conclude with a soiree where you present your turns. You'll come away from this course with a piece you can perform in other shows and the tools to create new pieces on your own.

Level 3 is open to previous students who have taken my Level 1 and/or 2. **If you missed 2, you can still take 3.** It's not the end of the earth if you take the classes out of order, though I do recommend you still go back and take 2 when I offer it again in the spring. The three levels cover and emphasize different skills.

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